What Is Sleep?

If you live to the age of 90, you would have slept for a total of 30 years and stay awake for 60 years ! So why do we need to sleep so much? It is because sleep is about restoration. Our brain and body need to rest but also restore vital functions, hormones and brain neurotrasmitters, kind of like stopping to get gas at the gas station. This is why we spend a third of every day and a third of our lives sleeping (or we are supposed to); so we can function well for the other two thirds of our waking hours.

Sleep is vital for your survival and you cannot cut short on it or it will hurt you all day long. Sleep deprivation hurts. You know how you feel when you get a bad night of sleep. Life is just not fun when you are drowsy and exhausted.

Scientifically, sleep is divided into 4 different stages. We start with stage 1 and then move on to stage 2, 3 and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.  We sleep in cycles, each having variation of these sleep stages.