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Maha has been named a Top Doctor by Northern Virginia Magazine three years in a row (2011-2013).

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Brain shrinks, stroke risk rises in smokers

We know that smoking tobacco increases a person’s risk of cancer, heart attacks and strokes. But what do we know about how much harm smoking does to the brain? Way back in 1848, The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal described tobacco as a “Passage of an Iron Rod Through The Head.” This statement is not […]

Neuroscience helps explain how we handle money

Money has the power to stir emotions and create drama fitting for a Shakespearean play. A raise in your salary gives you joy, but misery comes if you gamble your money away. You don’t mind risk taking because it paves the way to future success, but you’re panic-stricken when you lose money invested in stocks. […]


As a neurologist who specializes in sleep medicine, I know the quality of our sleep directly affects the quality of our time awake. I also know the struggles of trying to function through a day with sleep deprivation can be debilitating. Over the years, I've successfully coached, treated and empowered thousands of individuals to overcome their sleep-related problems. Giving my patients tools so they can help themselves is at the core of all my treatments.

A good night's sleep is one of the most important investments in your life. It's as important as water, good food, sunshine, and a nurturing social environment. This site was created to provide you with the information, tools and resources to support your efforts to achieve good health, enjoy sweet sleep, and thrive in a balanced life.

I’m personally interested in exploring healthy sleep through healthy living, so you’ll find lots of encouraging information about nutrition and exercise here. I’m also fascinated by the power of the brain which my newspaper column explores.

While sleep disorders are often the source of complicated problems, treatment can actually be simple. Many individuals suffer from wake and sleep-related ailments that go unnoticed. My goal for this web site is to educate the public (including healthcare providers) to recognize and treat prevalent sleep disorders.

The search bar over to the left is a powerful tool which can extract keywords from any of the published articles or topics in this web site. This way, you can personalize your quest for information.

I encourage you to invest in yourself and take action now! I will continually update and post new articles and latest research, so please be sure to tune in regularly. Enjoy.


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